Our Big Thrifty Thanks go to…

From 20 July – 24 August 2016 we embarked on a crowdfunding campaign. We raised £2,963 for this year’s Festival. All donations will be used to keep the Festival admission FREE and to add to our programme of activities and artists, making the Festival even more engaging and accessible to all.

These lovely folks have supported us by pledging their support.  Thank you from the Festival of Thrift Team.

Business Sponsors are

Mercy MiddlesbroughSembcorp UK & Cleveland College of Art & Design.

Percy       Sembcorp (high res) C_LOGO_2C_RGB         CCAD NORTHERN SCHOOL OF ART LOGO 2015

Take a bow please…

  • Sarah Jackson – you are a wonderful woman. As well pledging to us, you are also a super volunteer.
  • Stella Hall – thank you to our Festival Director, dedicated to the cause.
  • Hemingway Design – they support us throughout – a wonderful dedicated team – thank you!
  • Cleveland College of Art and Design – you’ll be featuring in our printed programme – Thank you for your support!
  • Brenda Dell – a star and one of the first ones to pledge. Thanks!
  • Clymene Christoforou – thank you so much we really do appreciate it.
  • Anne-Marie Mackin – wonderful, a special thank you to you Anne-Marie.
  • Sally Medlyn – we so much appreciate your support, thank you.
  • Andrew Dixon – Culture Creativity Place – thanks for your support Andrew.
  • Kenneth Brown – an extension of the team! Thanks Ken.
  • Fiona Johnston – thank you very much Fiona! We’re getting there…
  • Joanna Deans – our marvellous designer and friend, thank you.
  • Kathryn Guy Jewellery – one of our top workshop leaders, thank you.
  • Rob Mitchell – working hard to make the Festival happen. Thanks for pledging too.
  • Percy Middlesbrough – Supporting us from the very start and helping making the Festival marvellous. Thanks!
  • Judith – thank you for your pledge, you’re a star!
  • James Robson MBE – Thank you James, your support is appreciated.
  • Sue Gill – Wonderful pledge, thank you
  • Gill – Gill (whoever you are) you’re a thrifty star!
  • Rejig Sewing Sessions – thank you Rosi, you’ve always been a great Thrifter and a supporter of the Festival.
  • Helen Marriage – What a pledge! Thanks so much.
  • Shelagh Holyoake – You’re a star – thanks for your pledge.
  • Sembcorp Utilities UK at the Wilton International site – Your support is very much appreciated – the Festival is on your doorstep.
  • Angela McSherry – Wonderful. Thank you
  • Susan Kimpton – what a great pledge – very much appreciated.
  • Yen Goo – thanks so much!
  • Maggie FoxHome – just in there at the end – wonderful!
  • Alan Parkinson – Sending you a very grateful thanks.
  • Judith King – thanks for supporting Festival of Thrift
  • Sue Gill – and the very last one – another pledge! – thanks Gill.


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