Safia Minney

Big Talk – Future Careers in Fairness with Safia Minney and Wayne Hemingway

Safia Minney MBE FRSA is a British social entrepreneur and author. She is the founder and Director of People Tree, a pioneering sustainable and Fair Trade fashion label with a mission to provide customers with beautiful clothes.  A noted spokesperson and campaigner on Fair Trade and ethical fashion, she initiated World Fair Trade Day in 1999, annually celebrated on the second Saturday of May. She co-wrote the book, Naked Fashion, The Sustainable Fashion Revolution and in 2013 launched the Rag Rage Campaign which helped bring pressure with over a million signatories to clean-up practice in the fashion industry. Her latest book is Slow Fashion; Aesthetics meets Ethics.  She is currently working on a book and campaign entitled Slave to Fashion.

Safia will be in conversation with designer Wayne Hemingway MBE of Hemingway Design, co-founder of Festival of Thrift, who setup and sold Red or Dead. As a Professor in The Built Environment at Northumbria University, Doctor of Design at Wolverhampton, Lancaster and Stafford, and a Fellow of both Blackburn College and Regents University, Wayne is also passionately committed to encouraging young people to consider an ethical future in their work and study choices.

Wayne and Safia will discuss the challenges young people face in making decisions about ethical careers, and giving their views on best ways forward to a fair future.

Wayne Hemmingway

Hard up and Happy

Big Talk- How to be Hard Up and Happy

Amy Kelly writes the How to be Hard up and Happy blog. She is married to Paul and between them they have 5 children. They have brought them up on a very tight budget, in fact everything they have done has been on a budget. Christmases, birthdays and even their wedding.

Amy will be sharing her secrets to a happy life, no matter what the bank balance in conversation with Stella Hall, Festival Director. As the eldest of nine children, Stella also learnt early on the importance of thrift – she is currently spending a year without buying any new clothes or household items. Don’t let money dictate how happy you are. Have fun, live life to the full, but pay as little as possible to do so. Join Amy at the Festival and on her website for tips, recipes and more. Create magic for your family for free!

Photo – from left to right are Archie 7, Neve 10, Chase 2, Olivia 15 and Lula 11.

Chocolate Fish

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candy Maker

After years of decline, is the High Street making a come-back? A new wave of young and young-at-heart entrepreneurs are rediscovering traditional skills like brewing, preserving and fishmongery and risking everything to start small scale businesses.

Find out what it takes to throw in the towel, start over and join a growing army of artisan food and drink makers in 2016.

Panelists Luke Harding – owner of The Waiting Room – who is an artist turned restaurateur and brewer; Bev Stephenson – ex-journalist and now chocolatier; Kirsty Cruikshank who swapped the civil service for fishmongery, and Gareth Kyle who quit a career in banking to train as a chef – all tell their stories and answer your questions.

Ingenuity in Culture & Regeneration – BIG TALK

What does a sustainable future look like? What kinds of partnerships do we need to create the towns and cities we want to live in and work in together? Darlington will be part of the Tees Valley Bid for Capital of Culture 2025 – the 200th anniversary of the world’s first passenger steam railway, the beginnings of sustainable transport. How can we ensure our journey is one that galvanises change, looks to the future and makes the most of our heritage?

Stella Hall, Festival Director, talks to Alistair Hudson (Director of mima), Seth Pearson (Director of Darlington Partnership) and Chiara Badiali (of Julie’s Bicycle) who share our  vision of  a creative  community with sustainability at its heart and whose mission is to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to make that happen.

The True Cost of Fashion – BIG TALK

Andrea FreemanWayne Hemingway will be joined by Andrea Freeman – Creative Director at the relaunched Beehive knitwear brand –  to talk about ‘the real price of fashion’, taking a look at the severe lack of morals and ethics in the making of clothes across the globe. During the talk they’ll be making reference to The True Cost – a documentary film which pulls back the curtain on the untold story behind the people who make our clothes and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?

The True Cost is a sobering watch. Most of us understand the damage that is done to communities and the environment in some developing countries in the name of our vanity. The documentary highlights the ugly reality of often unregulated and uncaring consumerism. But it all seems so far away and on the whole we continue to put ‘fashion’ and what that achieves for us before ethics. An edited version of the documentary will be screened at the festival in The Sol Cinema, a mobile movie theatre powered entirely by the sun.

It’s free. Just drop in to the Talks Mezzanine.
12.30pm – 1.30pm on Sunday.

What’s For Binner? – BIG TALK

A growing army of urban foragers are dining for free on the food that we throw away or leave unpicked and rotting in fields. Are these dumpster divers and supermarket scrumpers heroically saving the planet? Or is it just plain daylight robbery?

Chaired by Food Guru Simon Preston (Radio 4’s The Town is the Menu, co-founder of NewcastleGateshead’s iconic EAT! Festival and our own iconic Bistro du Van and food programme) this talk will involve food panellists Pia Castleton – Forager and Supper Club Chef; Dr Duika Burges Watson –  Food Policy specialist, self-confessed guerilla gardener and Beth Rawlins – Co-Director of Newcastle’s Magic Hat Cafe, which upcycles surplus food and invites customers to pay-what-they-feel. Together they will lift the dustbin lid on the rise of freeganism and answer your not-so-trashy questions!

This event includes some free free-food tastings.
It’s free. Just drop in to the Talks Mezzanine.
2.00pm – 3.00pm on Sunday.

Turn your life around with money saving – BIG TALK

Ashleigh MoneySaverAshleigh Money Saver and Jennifer Drew, Coupon Detective will share their amazing stories that have seen both of them leave their 9-5 jobs to become full time money savers. Between them they have nearly 400,000 fans on social media and they make a living delivering tips, tricks and deals for saving money from some of the biggest brand name retailers in the UK. They can tell you all sorts of ways you can save money and make sure when you spend, you get the very best deals possible.

This discussion will be chaired by Colin Fyfe of Darlington Building Society, with experts on hand to support and debate the best way to look after your money and, importantly, make your money work for you!

It’s free. Just drop in to the Talks Mezzanine.
12.30pm – 1.30pm on Saturday (1 hour)


Head downstairs after the discussion, where we will be offering free one to one sessions from 2.30 – 3.30pm


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