SEED- Pif-Paf Theatre

Date: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September
Time: 12:45 - 1:15pm & 2:30-3pm
Location: Adventure Zone

New for 2017, Pif-Paf’s Seed is a poetic, surprising and inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small acorns to great oak trees with a man who plants trees where he shouldn’t.

This man is Wilford a rockabilly tree planting anarcho-nomad moving in the unseen shadows in his mobile shed home – on the run from his arch-enemies, the robot slug police, out to get him for his contraband seeds.

Wilford’s not having a good day, the weather’s broken, the world’s gone mad. He’s hindered by a tidal wave of tarmacadam, a drought of drains, a surge of slugs, a nuisance of under-nutrition, a cacophony of choking combustions and a lot of narky neighbours who say you can’t explode mining bangers or practice paradiddles. Some of them don’t even like his taste in music. Wilford thinks trees grow better when you play them music, especially loud music, like the tuba and the accordion.

Wilford moves with the seasons like he’s always done. Today he’s here with you. He’s trying to do what nomadic tree fellas do. He’s trying to find little nooks and crannies to plant acorns, ash keys, cobnuts, chestnuts, catkins and pine cones. He’s trying to feed shoots, water saplings, help striplings, console trees and make sure the ‘old folk’ are getting a bit of peace and quiet. He may not be subtle, he may be a bit grumpy and some of his ways are a little wayward and messy but he is a good soul, promise.

Seed is Pif-Paf returning to its foundations, taking a surreal, loving, poetic and thoroughly researched look at the struggles of nature as we pave over it and it carries on through the cracks.

An intimate and explosive static street show, Seed is full of captivating images, live and specially composed music, Pif-Paf’s trademark Heath Robinson meets Mad Max inventions and a journey into the life of the young and ancient beings that we walk under every day. It is a day in the life of Wilford as he struggles against the odds.


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