Alex May – Tuned In

Alex May – Tuned In

I’ve been singing since the age of 4, initially making up my own songs for my pet guinea pigs and soon after got my first mic and amp.

Whilst my own song material has developed a lot since that time, my enthusiasm and love for music hasn’t changed, it consumes me and it is who I am.

I love a wide range of genre’s but find that my voice lends itself more to those county and blues melody’s but if I find something that takes hold of me then I will lower the key and see where it takes me.

In my spare time I’m busy writing my own material (hoping to record my first song later this month), learning new scripts for the youth theatre group I’m in (currently working on our production of Jesus Chris Superstar – I’m a Priest!), out and about promoting myself and Kyle’s Dream (a group of exceptional volunteers helping young people like myself to build confidence), attending open mic sessions (I meet a lot of talented people) and most recently I’ve taken to the streets of the north east to busk (daunting but I’ve been lucky to get a lot of positive feedback).

Time: 3.15pm

Day: Saturday

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