Andy Hazell – Cow Car

Andy Hazell – Cow Car

Andy attended art school initially at Reading University, studying printmaking before transferring to the Hochshule der Kunst in Berlin and studying photography. In his final year Andy transferred again to Syracuse in upstate New York where he studied sculpture.

Upon graduation Andy worked as the Queen Mother’s gardener, a tax clerk, courier, and ambulance driver.

From 1984-86 he attended the Slade school of Art, graduating with an MA in Environmental media, which was followed by a fellowship at Cheltenham College. During this time Andy experimented with mechanical sculpture and became an Automatist creating animated tinplate figures, museum collection boxes and props for Film and TV and had over 40 exhibitions of his work.

Andy’s practical skills led naturally on to creating durable, site-specific works for the public realm. He has become a skilled fabricator able to create almost anything, making work for other artists, as well as his own work.

He has a large studio on the Welsh border and maintains careers as an ‘Automatist’, a Public Artist as well as a maker of short films which are shot mostly on Super 8.

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