Barbara Helen

Barbara Helen

Barbara Helen, songwriter/singer and guitarist, and Vegan Activist.  Barbara’s songs reflect her emotions and observations of life, seen through Vegan Eyes.

She is one of the founder member of her local Beach cleaning and Plastic Free Communities groups.  Barbara is active within the Anonymous For the Voiceless and Animal Save Movement and her song, “Witness”, has been called, “an anthem for all who bear witness”, by Anita Krajnc.  “Barbara was a contestant in our 2018 FXective Factor competition at Brighton, which saw vegan musicians from across the UK compete for the best performance and vegan song, with judges including Rozalla and Peter Egan. Barbara finished a very credible 2nd  place overall in strong competition and her songwriting and performance abilities are joy for listeners, especially for vegans.” (Tim Barford)  Barbara was featured in the Winter 2018 edition of Positively Vegan Magazine, in which she talks about her music, her wish to inspire, raise awareness, heal and promote compassion and empathy for  human and non human animals and the Earth through her  songs.

Barbara has recorded her songs and released her CD, “Vegan Eyes,” You can listen to tracks on her  Band Camp Page.

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