10:00am – 5:00pm


Blue Zone
Bridge2bamboo is an ambitious public art project by Imagineer, in which Festival of Thrift is a partner. The project draws on engineering expertise across the globe, with particular focus on environmental, economic and community impact and the importance of Bamboo as a sustainable recourse in relation to the climate crisis. We have connected communities through a series of workshops to design, test and build a beautiful bamboo structure for the Festival. Project participants co-designed the structure to determine its function at the event and beyond, placing the possibilities in the hands of the community. In 2022 the participating groups will be invited to attend Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games where Imagineer will host an impressive exhibition of the bamboo structures created as a result of this project. Thanks to Borderlands – Creative People & Places, Sofia Offshore Wind Farm Construction Community Fund and Tees Valley Community Foundation. PARTICIPATING GROUPS: REDCAR MEN’S SHEDS MIDDLESBROUGH – BRIDGEHILL HARTLEPOOL – MILES FOR MEN/ WELLNESS FOR WOMEN


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