Captain of the Lost Waves

Captain of the Lost Waves

This artist is a one off, but maybe consider as a prototype for his idiosyncrasy Zappa, Beefheart or The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.  RnR Magazine ***** (5 stars) 

Tell us what Thrift and Sustainability means to you:  

It is a much needed nod to a growing collaboration of people with similar visions and hopeful outlooks…. it’s about individuals coming together as a ‘group’ in larger numbers, scope and philosophy.  And in each person making a small, yet essential  effort in order that a tip over occurs, in regards to new ways of approaching things…whilst embracing older ideas, that have not been previously heeded… I particularly share much of what happens as it’s my whole artistic process… 

 a ‘sowing of small seeds’, driven by its ethos to be aligned with other bespoke Artists, who choose to create something new , Alternative & fresh .  

Time: 3.45pm

Day: Saturday 

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