25th & 26th sept 2021 · 10am - 5pm


Insectopolis swarms into Kirkleathham Art and science will combine as a special urban insect conservation zone arrives in Kirkleathham for the Festival of Thrift. Dancing with bees combines street theatre, music, games, science and education featuring performers from the Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International. Visitors will be able to meet and take selfies with a giant Bombus terrestris bumble bee, join in the waggle dance with giant honey bees, plant a special pollinator friendly flower and learn many extraordinary other things about insects, including all the things you can do to help them. The event aims to highlight the world’s recent 40-50% loss of insects and suggest what we can do to save and regenerate them. Paul Miskin, company Director, explained: “Recently many people have noticed the lack of dead insects on the windscreens of cars. We depend on the services of these small creatures for all our food and they are a crucial link in the chain of life that supports us. “Recent research by Nicholas Tew has shown that what people in cities and towns plant in their gardens, window boxes, and back yards and the products we avoid using can make a real difference. This projectt aims to show ways in which everyone can help get our beautiful world back on track and is supported by the Arts Council of England National lottery scheme and Creative Darlington.”


Saturday & Sunday


11:30am & 2:30pm


Yellow Zone


Festival of thrift welcomes you

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