Fashion Fix – future trends for your eco-wardrobe

Fashion Fix – future trends for your eco-wardrobe





Yellow Zone
The fast fashion revolution has brought a vast choice of cheap clothes right to our doorstep – so where’s the catch? Well, worse-off garment workers, soaring use of virgin-plastic fabrics, mountains of textile waste… Already a new model eco-army are pushing back and disrupting the march of the fashion industry – second-hand is again first choice for many, clothing rental is about to boom and everything from pineapple husks to coffee grounds are being turned, like magic, into fabric. Welcome to the future! with: Lynne Hugill – Fashion Course Leader at MIMA School of Art & Design, Teeside University. Jade McSorley – Top Model and founder of the LOANHOOD fashion rental app. Neeraj Sharma – CEO of Daisy Chain and Stockton’s Charity Superstore.


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