Festival of Thrift & Energy Revolution

Carbon Balancing with Energy Revolution 

We’re working with UK charity Energy Revolution to tackle our environmental impacts from audience travel – these are typically the biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint, making up to 80% on average! 

If you’re travelling to The Festival of Thrift this year you can help us by making a small donation to balance your fossil fuel miles: Energy Revolution will invest 100% into projects that create clean renewable energy. Use Energy Revolution’s Travel Calculator to work out the CO2e emissions from your journey and make your balancing donation.

Energy Revolution works with 37 of the UK’s favourite festivals, as well as artists, crew and suppliers. Since 2015 the Energy Revolution community has balanced over 5 million travel miles, with donations helping to power wind turbines in India with the Converging World and funding community solar power with Bristol Energy Co-op.  In 2017 donations funded a community-owned wind-turbine that is helping to cut fuel poverty in local homes in the Forest of Dean, helped UK homeowners install Solar PV systems on their roofs and financed biomass-heating systems in charity-owned outdoor pursuit centres in Scotland. 

 Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/vCVYeQFfEAg

Find out more at www.energy-revolution.org.uk

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