Full Festival Schedule

Full Festival Schedule

11:00 Thrift Anthem

11.05 Meet the Power Arrangers Turning Energy Green


11:35 Fix it Café

11:45 Thrift Your Place

11:50 Dandy in a Day

12:00 Backchat Kids with Alice Phelps

12:05 Vinyl DJ

12:15 Shop Front Circus

12:20 Festival of Thrift Question Time

12:25 One Beautiful Moment – Chapter One

12:35 Secret Life of Stuff

12:45 Fix it Café

13:00 Backchat Kids with Simon Robinson

13:00 Becoming Visible BSL Workshop

13:05 Leaving the World Lusher Than We Found it

13:30 Tales of Wit and Wisdom – Storytelling with Sita Brand

13:35 One Beautiful Moment – Chapter Two

13:40 Cloudscapes

13:45 Fix it Café

13:50 The Food Chain Broke. How do we Fix it?

14:00 Little Inventors – Be your own Pioneer Energy Superhero!

14:10 Thrift Your Place

14:15 Vinyl DJ

14:30 One Beautiful Moment – Chapter Three

14:40 Secret Life of Stuff

14:50 Shop Front Circus

14:55 Dandy in a Day

15:05 Eat Your Weeds with Pia Castleton

15:05 Speak When You’re Not Spoken to. Young Voices and the Climate Emergency .

15:20 Fix it Café

15:35 Vinyl DJ

15:45 One Beautiful Moment – Chapter Four

15:55 Thrift Anthem

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