Green House


In the nineteenth century, green spaces within urban environments were identified as the ‘lungs of the city’ due to their air purifying qualities. This architectural installation showcases contemporary fabrication techniques using materials that reduce toxicity in the home and will contain a living environment of plants that possess the most effective air cleaning properties.

Cabinet of Curiosity Studio ran a number of paper craft workshops in Darlington with the support of Creative Darlington. These workshops gave participants the opportunity to contribute their paper cut designs of birds and flowers towards elements of the laser cut panels used within the Green House structure.

With thanks to Creative Darlington for supporting Green House workshops.


Cabinet of Curiosity Studio was established in 2008 by costume designer/textile artist Caroline Collinge and architect Edmond Salter. They are specialists in the paper arts using paper materials and techniques, including paper engineering, origami, collage and paper cuts, to make installations, exhibitions, costumes and illustrations for a diversity of commissions at a variety of scales. Cabinet of Curiosity is named after ‘cabinets of curiosities’: the Renaissance ‘wonder rooms’ containing encyclopaedic collections of objects that would tell stories to communicate knowledge and amazement about the world. The company seeks to inspire in audience’s curiosity through voyages of discovery that ignite the creative imagination.

Opening Hours: 8am-5pm, Thursday 12-Saturday 14 September 2019. Closed Sunday 15 September. 8am-5pm on Monday 15-Thursday 19 September 2019.

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