25th & 26th sept 2021 · 10am - 5pm


This is Stellar Project’s first Happy Room an idea born from a curiosity about what happiness is, where it comes from, can we make it and how do we capture and share it. They are providing four blank walls and asking artists to create their vision of a Happy Room, to bring the space to life as an uplifting, colourful and joyful space for visitors to wander through and enjoy. For this year’s Festival of Thrift artist Sarah Harris will create Blissed Out, a room inspired by the magical, playful light which shines as the sun rises, join us to experience a kaleidoscope of iridescent hues as they wake in living colour. Wander through and reimagine that fleeting time of the day early before the rest of the world is awake, that peaceful moment as the sun pours through the cracks. It’s a moment to take a breath and be absorbed into your surroundings, a moment when colours are alive and time is ephemeral, but you catch it and hold on … Let Blissed Out provide a moment of peace and happiness in your day!


Saturday & Sunday




Pink Zone


Festival of thrift welcomes you

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