Human Sensor

Human Sensor


‘Human Sensor’ by artist Kasia Molga, is a large scale, futuristic dance performance. Dancers Urban Kaos together with local community dancers, will be choreographed by Ruth Jones of  Axial Dance. They will perform in data sensitive costumes that illuminate and showcase how human bodies can react to daily exposure to air pollution, and how it can be “utilized” as a sensor informing other city dwellers about the air conditions.

Wired up to a series of breathing and air pollution data sensors, the costumes are activated by the breath of  a dancer. The surrounding soundtrack  of performers breathing further draws attention to the changes in the bodily conditions affected by the condition of the environment. Data collected from Redcar and surrounding areas will be displayed as part of the  Viewpoints exhibition at Palace Arts Gallery.


Time: 6.30pm

Day: Friday

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