25th & 26th sept 2021 · 10am - 5pm

Cyril the MC

Introducing Cyril our new MC! He is a larger than life ‘host with the most’! Since 2017 he has been compare, along with his co-host and best friend Beryl, of large outdoor participatory games such as Bingo Lingo, where they tried to make Bingo an official Paralympic sport, Buck-a-Branda wheelchair wobbling game of chance and Beryl and Cyril Great Barnsley Bake Off, innuendo in a mixing bowl and bakes to perfection! For Festival of Thrift Cyril is going it alone for the first time. Beryl approves and thinks it would be good for him to get out the house. Cyril loves a good fake tan, entertaining audiences of all ages and has a fondness for Carry On films and 80’s TV quiz shows!


Saturday & Sunday




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