One Beautiful Moment – I Move the Air

One Beautiful Moment – I Move the Air

Words and movement by Linzy Na Nakorn

Sound composition by Alice Phelps

I Move the Air is an audio-visual movement experience that will provide a beautiful moment to launch the digital edition of Festival of Thrift on Saturday 12 September.

Taking inspiration from the striking landscape and offshore wind turbines of Redcar seafront, I Move the Air explores our sensory experience of, and our relationship to, the air we breathe, our responsibility to keep it clean and the wider impact we have on our everyday environments.

This site-specific socially distanced movement performance will be screened online to launch the digital festival, and audiences will also have the opportunity to participate in the piece themselves.

A soundscape with original compositions will be available to download from the Festival of Thrift website. It will guide participants through a choreographed, interactive experience, which they can create at home, or in their chosen beautiful location.


Streamed live as part of our digital edition audiences will witness something much like a human murmuration; mirroring and echoing the shapes and movements of the wind turbines, the coastal landscape and the participants’ own sensory experiences. Much of the movement will be everyday, simple gestures, a turning or changing of direction or shifting of weight but when seen at a distance, on the sand, they will appear as if a flock of birds, moving in synchronicity.

We invite you to create your own beautiful moment by following the guide individually on headphones. Share your moments with us at

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