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*Please note in ordering a ticket we will be passing your details onto Arts Admin and METIS to fulfil your order.

Together with Thrift players from all over the country, METIS will create ‘a brilliant day’ to be broadcast as part of Thriftfest Upcycled.

Imagine your perfect day –
What would you do? Who would you be with? Where would you go?

Imagine this perfect day taking place in a world in which human and planetary flourishing is more important than making money or using up resources –
What would become possible?

These are the kinds of questions we invite you to think about as a way of imagining an alternative future and contributing to this special live performance.
Register here and you will be sent a beautiful set of postcards to get you going.
The postcards will guide you through some simple tasks, which you can do yourself or with friends or your family (suitable for ages 8 up). These tasks will help you develop your vision of a world in which all humans and the whole environment can flourish and thrive. Once you’ve created your vision, we ask you to share this with us – by 1 September (at the latest!).*

A selection of your responses will be woven into a script for the BRILLIANT DAY performance which will take place as part of Thriftfest Upcycled. Some of you may also be invited to take part in the performance but even if you don’t participate you will be able to watch how the collective perfect day unfolds!

Your ideas will also be part of the shaping and making of our new live show Love Letters to a Liveable Future (Spring 2021) – watch out for it coming to a venue near you.
Collaborators for Brilliant Day & Love Letters to a Liveable Future:  Anna-Maria Nabirye, Charlie Folorunsho, Jess Mabel Jones, Lucy Wray, Shôn Dale-Jones, Stefanie Müller and Tom Ross-Williams and Zoë Svendsen.
This project has been initiated by Zoë Svendsen, director of METIS a Cambridge-based performing arts company/network creating interdisciplinary performance projects through rigorous research and a fascination with maps, space, technology, travel and history.

Brilliant Day has been developed out of Love Letters to a Liveable Future # 1 – a Homemakers commission by Cambridge Junction with support from Artsadmin.

*Additional Practical Information:
A full set of instructions and where, how to send your responses will be included with the postcards
You can complete the tasks on your own or with friends or family
There are no right answers – the questions are there to stimulate your imagination and invite reflection
Once you’ve put your responses on the relevant card please take a photo or scan and send by phone/email or post to us by no later than Tuesday 1st September
Some of you will be invited to read sections of your responses as part of the live streamed performance event
Please tell us if you would not like to appear on the live stream and would rather someone else read your response. You can still watch the live performance streamed via Thrift’s website.
If you are happy to join the live performance one of our team will contact you to explain how this will be done. NB no rehearsals required
The streamed performance will last approximately 30? minutes but there will be time for reflection and responses afterward

METIS is a UK-based performing arts company which creates interdisciplinary and participatory performance projects exploring contemporary political subjects. Involving a wide network of artists, recent projects have included: Factory of the Future (Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019), developed through artistic research residencies in the UK and in Oslo, Norway and presented as a video installation on a transformed future;WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE MAY BE (Barbican Centre 2018), a performance installation imagining living under alternative economic conditions for a future beyond climate crisis;World Factory (Young Vic and UK Tour; shortlisted for the Berlin Theatertreffen Stückemarkt 2016), exploring consumer capitalism through the lens of the global textile industry; 3rd Ring Out (Tipping Point Commission Award; UK Tour), an emergency-planning-style ‘rehearsal’ for climate crisis.

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