The Festival of Thrift presents: Building with Air workshop kit 

Did you know there is a type of architecture where the main building material is invisible, ultra-lightweight and always readily available? Its a type of material that has fascinated inventors, engineers and architects for hundreds of years. That material is air! Yes, its the stuff we breath and that surrounds us all day, every day. 

Commissioned by The Festival of Thrift, Levilab has created a first of its kind workshop kit that will premiere during the 2020 Digital Edition of The Festival of Thrift. The kit can be ordered online and delivered to your home. It contains all you need to take your first steps on the road to becoming an architect of air. After having created your first inflatable architecture using the workshop kit, you might be ready to move on to bigger and bolder creations. Like the ones by world-renowned Architects of Air! 

The Building with Air workshop kit contains instructions, tools and materials for several small models and two inflatable creations. Through hands-on experiments you will learn about the basics of volume, geometry and inflatable architecture. The kit is suitable for anyone with an interest in art and architecture, age 11 and up. For younger children we recommend parents help them in creating their first inflatable architecture. For extra ideas, inspiration and guidance you may want to check out the Levilab website at www.levilab.org Please share your inflatable creations in the Instagram community of The Festival of Thrift, using #thriftfest and #levilab. By sharing your work, we hope to create a collaborative online gallery of inflatable art. 

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