E-NUMBERS v2.0 Library 

E-03a / Vanillin / Vanilla

By Sneha Solanki 

As part of Warm Grain ‘Food Futures’ project

Saturday 8th June, 11am-1pm 

9 Silver Street, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1XS

Suitable for age 12yrs+ (children must be accompanied by an adult)

E-Numbers v2.0, a food additive library on novel micro-organisms will be visiting the Warm Grain ‘Food Futures’ project.

This library, an updated version of the original ‘E-Number’ or ‘European Number’ food additive system only includes engineered or edited micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and virus) and their products, instead of food additives created by plants and chemicals.

These micro-organisms have been altered, created or re-programmed through novel scientific methods, producing new or nature identical flavours, fragrances, colours and preservatives. 

E-03a / Vanillin / Vanilla

During this 2-hour workshop we will explore one of the E-Numbers from the library, E-03a, a new version of vanilla called vanillin created in a laboratory. We will connect this new vanilla to it’s past colonial legacy and current relationship to the environment by creating a recipe for now and the near-future.

E-Numbers v2.0 Workshop


Saturday 8th June




9 Silver Street,

Stockton on Tees,

TS18 1XS


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