25th & 26th sept 2021 · 10am - 5pm

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Up for a fun walkabout with a speaker strapped to your back? Yes? Brilliant.
With a lightweight, portable speaker on your back, you can play a role in performing a piece of specially commissioned music at Festival of Thrift. You will weave through the festival crowd as part of a group – all playing different channels of music from one composition through your speaker. No experience necessary, you just need to be up for a new sonic experience.
Workshop Duration   30 minutes  
Workshop Location  Yellow Zone – Toasting Gate Field
Age Range  8+ (adult supervision?)
Extra Notes
I.D. is required to take part. If you are part of a group then we only need I.D. from one of you.
By taking part in Flock, you consent to having your photograph taken. Photographs may be used for marketing or funding purposes in the future. Please let us know if you do not want your photograph taken.

Flock – A sonic/audio walkabout



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