Lee Berwick – Sonic Anomaly

Lee Berwick – Sonic Anomaly

Lee has been producing and performing sound compositions, installations and films since the mid 1980’s, as well as his solo and collaborative installation work he has worked extensively with performance, storytelling and dance.

His work endlessly pushes boundaries and has been shown in London’s Hayward Gallery, The ICA and Tate modern as well as at many other venues around the world. He has had a program about his work made by the BBC and has spoken at the RA in London.

Lee also produced and wrote music for his critically acclaimed Digidub record label and performed globally as a DJ and a live act.

Currently Lee is interested in space, energy and the physicality of sound. Recent UK installations have taken place at the B-Side Multi media arts festival, Sonic Waterloo festival and St Leonards Church, Shoreditch.

Lee is also part of the organising body running ‘The Tank’ an old oil storage vessel in northern Sweden which has a 24second reverb and is used as an arts venue and instrument by Lee and his ‘Inner Ear’ performance/sound art collaborators.

More details about his work at: www.leeberwick.com

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