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Yellow Zone Toasting Gate Stage
We are super passionate about music which comes across in our songwriting, our lyrics have deep meanings about our current society and the hardships people face. We’re not afraid to tell our story to the world and believe spreading our joyful vibrant music connects with audiences across the globe as we speak about subjects that everybody can relate to.” – The Lulas The Lulas are everything i want to see and hear in a band. A slick live show and even slicker songwriting.”” – Jamie “”Jampottt”” Donnelly – Producer The Lulas are a four piece funk infused pop band based in Middlesbrough UK. They formed in October 2018 but didn’t perform their first gig until the end of February 2019 leaving them time to focus on writing and constructing their original music. The time taken crafting their material really shows in their performances. The first ever gig the Lulas played was at a Battle of the Bands, which resulted in them advancing to the next round and ultimately winning the final. This led to high praise from everybody around their local area. By June The Lulas were featured as Richer unsigned artist of the week with their debut single’Pink Socks’ being chosen to be played in all 53 Richer Sounds stores. The Lulas’ unique sound has been compared to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers with a mix of Amy Winehouse. After performing festivals in and around their hometown as well as working alongside some great promoters, they have secured a gig supporting the reggae pop band, Kioko. Late 2019 The Lulas were selected to perform on the Songs from northern Britain event hosted by Vic Galloway from BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio Scotland.


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