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The Build Up To Greener Construction – Listen Again

Construction is the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions globally, a whopping 39% of the total. Surprised? Change may be overdue but it’s coming now – architects are driving it, constructors are up-for-it and clients are demanding it. 
In this inspiring discussion recorded at the Festival of Thrift in September 2021 we discover some of the brilliant people, ideas, innovations and sustainable design that are up-ending the way we build around the planet… and locally – looking at a regeneration project starting at Kirkleatham Hall School later this year.

Rewilding – What is it all about? And does it really matter?

This fascinating discussion reveals the astonishing climate-restoring power that protecting, regenerating and rewilding our land AND our seas will have. With Sharon Lashley – Climate Action North and Rewilding Britain North East Network, Jean-Luc Solandt – Marine Conservation Society, Frankie Turk – Re-Peat, a youth-led collective pushing for peatland paradigm shift and Kelly Crews – Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Manager, South Tyneside Council. Chaired and Edited by Simon Preston

Fishing for the Truth

These are the questions on the minds of millions who watched the recent Netflix eco-documentary Seaspiracy. So, how can we ensure there is a future for everything that lives in the ocean and all those who depend on it?


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