‘Thrift your place’ and have fun with the Festival of Thrift at home

Home is where the thrift is this year for fans of the hugely popular national celebration of sustainable living, the Festival of Thrift.

People are being invited to ‘Thrift Your Place’ in the run up to this year’s virtual event, ‘Thriftfest Upcycled the Digital Edition’, that goes live on September 12 2020 replacing the large-scale annual celebration at Kirkleatham cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To help people get involved in creating, fixing, swapping and sharing at home ahead of the day, activity packs, full of fun-filled ideas to inspire all ages, are now available to download on the festival’s newly designed website at www.festivalofthrift.co.uk

A virtual marketplace featuring a range of sustainably-focused businesses is also up and running on the website offering a wide range of upcycled and recycled goods and ethically produced products.


Amongst the ‘Thrift Your Place’ activities featured are ideas for swapping, fixing and making, including instructions by dancers and choreographers Jennifer Essex and Lorraine Smith, and Dutch costume designer Daphne Karsten about how to discover the ‘Secret Life of Stuff’  then make and move about in a futuristic outfit constructed out of household objects that would normally be thrown away.

A selection of recipes, including one for Hedgerow ketchup, from The Town is the Menu at last year’s Festival of Thrift, where food inspired by Guisborough was put on a plate and served up to 400 hungry festival-goers, is also included.

‘How to Cloudgaze at Home’ audio instructions by Gobbledegook Theatre spell out how “gazing on clouds slows us down like a meteorological meditation” and provide beautiful accompanying illustrations of ten cloud types to spot, asking “did you know that the average life expectancy of a cloud is just ten minutes?”Another from dancer, performer and choreographer Patrick Ziza reveals how to release your inner Dandy in a Day and create a flamboyant, beautiful (and, of course, thrifty!) outfit that expresses who you are and to “think chic, think classy” before you “strut and swagger and pose, pose, pose”.Festival of Thrift director, Stella Hall, said: “We’ve had to reinvent the festival this year due to Covid. The theme for this year’s event is energy and we’ve certainly needed it rise to this year’s challenges.

“In the true spirit of sustainability, however, we’ve repurposed the event to bring the joyful spirit of the Festival of Thrift into people’s homes instead. The programme for our new digital edition on 12 September, ‘Thriftfest Upcycled’, aims to help people to do some of the things they might have tried if they’d been able to visit the large-scale event we had originally planned.

“We’ve commissioned new work, including from Metis Theatre, which invites you to imagine your Brilliant Day, alongside featuring regular favourites like Fix It Café, Town is the Menu, Little Inventors and Noisy Toys so, as ever, there are surprises in store!

“Look out for special offers from our marketplace traders on the day too.”

Details of the programme for the live stream of the 2020 virtual Festival of Thrift are being released via the website over the next few weeks as part of the countdown to the event.

On Saturday 12 September ‘Thriftfest Upcycled the Digital Edition’, hosted by MC Paulus, will come to life via the website with a programme that features, 13 activities , 10 workshops,  6 talks, 4 demonstrations, 1 live stream and one beautiful moment.

Stella added: “All in all it will be a brilliant day!”

To download the ‘Thrift Your Place’ activities, visit the virtual marketplace and find advance details of the programme for ‘Thriftfest Upcycled the Digital Edition’ on 12 September visit www.festivalofthrift.co.uk




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