12th – 19th September 2019

Returning for a second year Viewpoints is focusing on clean air in the Tees Valley. This exciting and ambitious project will include sculptures, installations and artworks displayed across the Tees Valley during the run up to the festival weekend. Highlights include a lung cleaning station, a giant canary, an extraordinary green house, an observation platform and a giant drawing using ink from a surprising source! Locations are yet to be revealed so keep checking our website festivalofthrift.co.uk

Viewpoints by Festival of Thrift has been created with support from Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Green House

Cabinet of Curiosity Studio

In the nineteenth century, green spaces within urban environments were identified as the ‘lungs of the city’ due to their air purifying qualities. This architectural installation showcases contemporary fabrication techniques using materials that reduce toxicity in the home and will contain a living environment of plants that possess the most effective air cleaning properties.


Colin Davies

HALDANE is an enormous painting on one of the Tees Valley’s industrial plants installed using a “dazzle” camouflage technique – a technique used on ships during the First World War. The painting will feature a series of canaries, which were often used in mining to signify the presence of toxic gases. HALDANE gives a visual nod to Teesside’s shipbuilding heritage as well as connecting us to our mining past.

Sit, Stop

Sally Hogarth

A lone free standing wooden pavilion invites visitors to mindfully reconnect with nature through simple observation. Sit, Stop will offer a unique viewpoint to a fascinating area of the Tees Valley, taking the form of a pavilion structure inspired by the site’s terrain. Simply sit and observe the nature before you. Draw what you see watch and observe or simply take time to connect with the surroundings. 


Dawn Felicia Knox

Step inside a glowing cube filled with plants, light… and breath! This bold and immersive installation will function as a lung cleaning station, a fresh air portal filled with plants that are actively cleaning the air and removing the toxins that are released from the modern built environment.

You see, breathe, feel 

Peter Evans

This unique work will use ink created from recycled exhaust fumes. This thought-provoking artwork will showcase pollution in its physical form making a usually invisible environmental issue quite literally visible. Peter is working with Graviky Labs of India, who have pioneered this extraordinary process.