Viewpoints by Festival of Thrift

Days: 19 – 26 August 2018 

To see them:
Crossroads – Middlesbrough’s Bedford Street Car Park
Sonic Anomaly – St Hilda’s Church
Last Ditch Attempt & Cow-car
– travelling

Giant artworks in central Middlesbrough, a sound installation in Hartlepool’s ancient Headland church, a travelling tricycle seed bank and a car motoring around with a cow on the roof …


Get out and about in the Tees Valley this summer to find four art installations commissioned by the Festival of Thrift and open your mind to a different perspective.   The artworks seek to challenge our views on what future sustainability means to us, and how we perceive local and global environmental issues.

The Festival of Thrift, in essence, is about encouraging individuals, communities and companies to be more sustainable and the Viewpoints’ installations seek to reflect this focus. They aim to make us think about the impact each of us has on our planet. Finding ways to make our resources go further – through upcycling, recycling, swapping, learning and sharing knowledge.  Food, fashion, lifestyle, businesses… in every aspect of our lives! We can all work together for a creative, thoughtful and stronger brighter future.

Viewpoints by Festival of Thrift has been created with support from Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The artworks will be located across the Tees Valley for the duration of the official Viewpoints week. Crossroads will be on show in Middlesbrough’s Bedford Street car park and Sonic Anomaly at the TwelfthCentury St Hilda’s Church on the Headland at Hartlepool. Last Ditch Attempt and Cow-car are peripatetic artworks that will travel around the Tees Valley area from 19 – 25 August.

Graphic artist Ian Kirkpatrick is designing giant artworks which will explore the past, present and future of the Tees Valley, and which will decorate the hoardings around the car-park on Bedford Street in Middlesbrough. These mega-artworks will remain in place after the Viewpoints week. This commission is produced in partnership with Middlesbrough Council.

Location: Bedford Street, Middlesbrough. TS1 2LL.
Open: Mon 20 Aug – no set end date.

Sonic Anomaly
Sound artists Lee Berwick and Rob Olins, will create a sound installation in St Hilda’s Church, Hartlepool Headland (a magnificent 12th century church), using a mix of pre-recorded local voices and sounds electronically generated within and by the building, reflecting the local people and the unique position of the church on the headland and as a refuge from the sea. Visitors to the church will experience different sounds and moods as they move around the building. Sonic Anomaly will be open to the public Mon 20 – Fri 24 Aug, 12noon – 4.30pm, come along to see this beautiful church and to experience something unique.

Location: St. Hilda’s Church, Hartlepool Headland, TS24 0JB
Open: Mon 20 – Fri 24 Aug, 12noon – 4.30pm


Last Ditch Attempt
Artists Lucien Anderson and David Lisser have built a mini mobile seed-library which they will cycle around the Tees Valley. Made in response to last years flooding of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the artists will take this tandem-cargo tricycle to different boroughs on different days. The artists will be talking to people about the importance of harnessing local knowledge, and establishing independent crops of open-pollenated vegetable varieties, essential for our long term self-sufficiency and survival. They will give away – to a few lucky people! – a mix of vegetable seeds inside specially made plaster capsules, so that people can choose whether to keep them as their own personal seed-bank, or to break the capsules open and plant the seeds within.

Mon 20 Aug, 11-2pm – Preston Park, Stockton
Tue 21 Aug, 1-3pm – Family Event, Captain Cook Museum, Middlesbrough
Wed 22 Aug, 11am – Darlington Railway Museum
Thu 23 Aug, 1-3pm – Family Event, Captain Cook Museum, Middlesbrough
Fri 24 Aug, 10-12noon – Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar & 1-2pm RSPB Saltholme, Stockton


Sculptor and art-car-maker Andy Hazell will weld a steel figure of a cow onto the roof of a VW car and will drive around the Tees Valley, talking to people about the fact that our burger habit means that intensively-farmed cows are producing methane in quantities that rival car emissions, so perhaps we need to think about what we eat and its effect on our lovely planet. See if you can spot the cow-car as it moooves around Teesside! #Cowcar

Sun 19 Aug, 11am – Family Fun Day, Rift House Recreation Ground, Hartlepool
Mon 20 Aug, 11-2pm – Redcar High Street & 3-5pm – Preston Park, Stockton
Tue 21 Aug, 11am – Darlington Railway Museum
Wed 22 Aug, 1-3pm – Family Event, Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough
Thu 23 Aug, 11am – Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Holiday Club, Hardwick Dene, Stockton
Fri 24 Aug, 1-2pm – RSPB Saltholme, Stockton


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