Whole Lot of Rosie – Miki Rogers

Whole Lot of Rosie

Hi I am Miki, owner of making business Ruby & Blue and the Whole Lot of Rosie Tea brand. I’m inspired by my grandparents’ love of the whole tea ceremony, and their welcoming nature, by the world in my garden, especially British Birds, and by all things handmade and recycled. 
Apart from my extensive range of teas from all over the world which I blend locally in Guisborough, I also love to make all sorts of things, but mostly I do love to paint a teacup or make a tea-cosy from up-cycled fabrics then free-motion stitch one of my designs on. I can do all sorts of workshops, from tea blending to lino-printing and crochet to wet felting, and I’m always looking for new things to learn. 
You’ll find me at my stall surrounded by lots of lovely luxury loose-leaf teas, which you can come and sniff to your heart’s content, tea infusers and teapots, things that bring back reminiscences of the past and all sorts of handmade ephemera.

Time: 10am-5pm

Day: Saturday & Sunday

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