Using Air-InkTM created from recycled exhaust fumes this thought-provoking artwork will showcase pollution in its physical form, making a usually invisible environmental issue, quite literally, visible. 

Peter is working with Graviky Labs of India, who have pioneered this extraordinary process.

The work will be performative in nature, developing over the course of the week with live drawing taking place at the following times:

10am-1pm, Thursday 12 September

10am-4pm, Friday 13 September

10am-4pm, Saturday 14 September

10am-4pm, Tuesday 17 September



Peter’s practice is interested in the nature and ideas of finite truth in an infinitely changeable universe, working with drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and sound in an attempt to make sense of the ungraspable realities we live within. Peter is fascinated by systems and patterns and what the writer Russell Hoban described as “the moment under the moment”; how everything in some way intertwines and supports or corrodes that which it comes into contact with, the story unfolding within things. 

Peter attempts not to make art that describes a situation but to make art that in some way is that interaction. The most successful works become the idea, rather than being a representation of it. To this extent the practice has always moved between different mediums, using whatever form best fits the concern of the work. The backbone of this oeuvré, is a hermeneutic methodology for investigating existence and aesthetic beauty. 

Peter is interested in the deep exploration of unfathomable subjects – time, memory, history, what it means to be here – and also working collaboratively across disciplines. 

Opening Hours: 10am-4pm, Thursday 12 – Thursday 19 September 2019.

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