PUTT BY NUMBERS – Good Things Collective

PUTT BY NUMBERS – Good Things Collective





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Putt by Numbers is a portable 6 hole crazy golf course produced by the Good Things Collective. The result of a collaboration between 6 local artists & community groups, the project brought together over 100 people across the Lancaster and Morecambe area to create the finished course. Putt by Numbers takes approximately 10 minutes to complete per player and offers a fun challenge suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Designing and building this course created opportunities for people to learn about and try first hand a diverse range of creative disciplines and skills. This included: creative foraging, upcycling, cyanotype photography, digital programming, painting, sculpture, wood work, craft and collage. It features work by Alan Outram, Beki Melrose, Rosie Tacon-Glass, Magenta Monocle, Jo Bambrough and Mark Aston. We’ll be launching a brand new 7th hole designed and built on site especially for Festival of Thrift 2021, in collaboration with Woodshed Workshop – providing you with the chance to help create the new hole on Saturday with the chance to set a new parr on Sunday!


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