Sustainability Policy

At Festival of Thrift our focus has always been on how we as individuals can make those small changes, the shift to thrift, that will add up to a big difference for the future of our planet, and encouraging others to join in.

Building on our ethos and our existing sustainable working practices we are now looking to challenge ourselves to do even more to minimise the impact of our festival.

We have pledged to put into place a lasting strategy to ensure our own sustainability and reduce our impact on the planet and to share this journey with our audience. Using 2021 as the benchmark we will continue to measure and further develop our sustainability goals over the coming years.

Our action Plan

We will measure our carbon emissions and set ambitious reduction targets, using data captured at the festival to assess performance and monitor each year thereafter to track progress against original targets.

We will use Julies Bicycle Creative Green online tools with the ambition to gain Creative Green Certification. This will establish our festivals commitment to not only promote, but live by, our sustainable ethos and messaging.

We will not only monitor our own carbon emissions but share tools with suppliers, crew, audience and artists and encourage their participation, enabling others to gain an understanding of their own impact.

But tracking and offsetting carbon emissions is not enough. Our work will focus on all areas of the festival:

water usage






thought leadership


New activity will build on the creative programming focussed on sustainability issues already embedded in the festival and join other initiatives already underway.

"Festival of Thrift will be able to concretely evidence our commitment to sustainability and by sharing our plans and progress, we can continue to influence and encourage other businesses and individuals to do the same, building new partnerships and alliances."

In 2021 we:


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