Our Team

Emma Whitenstall

Dazzling Director
Hardcore Veggie
I was immersed in the magical world of thrift first as a punter and now, from the other side, I make sure the festival delivers its new perspectives on serious climate change messages in its own unique way. In our house, we’ve made the shift to vegetarianism, but there’s always more to do - a battered old armchair in my bedroom corner is primed for an up-cycle!

Tanya Steinhauser

Co Creative Director
Seed to Plate Enthusiast
It is such a privilege to work with a team of fellow Thrift devotees and to be able to bring together communities, artists, thinkers, craftspeople, businesses and dedicated enthusiasts to share skills and inspire one another.
I love spending time out of doors, whether that’s growing flowers, fruit and salads (the magic of a plant emerging from a tiny seed, never ceases to amaze me!), or the joys of foraging and connecting with the seasons when making a cordial or other treats or immersing myself into the North Sea on our doorstep.

Dominic Somers

Co-Creative Director
ThriftyWanderlust enthusiast
I believe in creating experiences that interrupt people's every day with joy, meaning and shared connections. Thrifting is in my blood, I grew up in a single-parent family and learnt from my amazing mum the magical opportunities of charity shop bargains, recycling old stuff into income and how to love vintage. Jumble sales were my secret weapon to upcycle all my youth culture needs to new heights. Wandering into nature is a passion that feeds my soul and reminds me that real experiences are always the best to enrich our lives.

Cara Pringle

Marketing Magician
Secondhand champion
Working for the festival has changed my life and the rewards are endless! Working with a passionate team of freelancers who believe we can make a difference together is a wonderful experience. Before the pandemic I started shopping second hand and I am hoping to continue this it really opened my eyes to the amount of waste the fashion industry produces. Seeing my children pick up hammers, nails and create a rocket out of pallets in 2019 was one of my highlights.

Sian Pointon

Motivated Marketer Assistant
Green Cleaning Expert
I have found my happy place with team thrift, working together on a positive mission and sharing the message that little changes can have a big impact on our planet is very rewarding. From running a green cleaning company to making art out of old books, I have adopted lots of thrifty ways, but I would like to grow more fruit and veg. My fondest memory of the festival is watching my son and his mates dancing around with Bird Rave and just loving it!

Rachel Smith

Particularly Remarkable PR
Inspired Fixer
I’m always getting the word out about the festival, but love seeing people’s faces when they realise that it’s even better than what they’d heard! How could you ever describe the wonders of an Atonement re-enactment, a lung cleaning station, a poetic story told in dramatic silhouette, or a thriftfest catwalk? I’m continually inspired, and next is to turn my hand to my own ‘Fix It’ projects, inspired by our own digital Cafe!

Jo Deans

Graphics genius
Waste warrior
As a freelancer, the Festival is a rare joy to develop designs for a project long-term and feel such team-spirit behind the work, championed by the inspiring Stella Hall. The yearly originality of new performances, alongside the comfort of favourites like the marching bands, is a wonder! It’s inspired me to test my own originality and turn my design skills to making a thrifty food tips guide.

Morgan Rafter

Project Support Administrator
Guinea Pig Rescuer
The most rewarding part is knowing I am making a difference in people’s sustainable journey, encouraging and celebrating the ways people can be more sustainable and thrifty! Also, it is so rewarding working with like minded people and organisations. A thrifty activity I would like to try is furniture upcycling! I love the idea of putting some TLC and creating something fresh and new out of something old.

Emma & Vik

Web Wizards
Beach Combers
Working alongside a team that is full of passionate, kind and inspiring women is one of the best things about ThriftFest. We are passionate about keeping our local beaches clean! Our fave festival memory is taking Emma’s sister along with us and getting involved in a dance off in the middle of a field with the folk dance remix group! They had their own beat boxer (who was amazing) and Sophie loved being able to let loose and have a dance with us both. We’ll never forget how much fun she had and the smile on her face afterwards!

Charlie Gregory

Creative Sustainability Producer
Fearless Forager
I grew up in the north east and spent much of my youth exploring the North York moors and coastlines, it's my happy place, and one of the main reasons I moved back to the region recently from London. I love being outside, swimming in the sea, going on epic walks, discovering new landscapes, gardening and cooking lots of weird and wonderful veggie dishes from scratch. I am also a big fan of foraging, fermenting and pickling!

Kate James

Savvy stalls
Itching to try D.I.Y
I love the ‘cut and thrust’ of delivering our festival. With such a diverse site, you need to be a dynamic problem-solver and enjoy fire-fighting! Thrift is all about the people: the delight of chatting with traders and punters about Thrifty products and watching people leave happy - it all gives me the itch to throw myself into the action!

Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson

Volunteer Visioner
Bibliophile Thrifter
I've been a keen thrifter ever since my teens, when I first discovered the joy of second-hand shopping. Learning to knit and sew taught me to upcycle before it was even a thing, and led to a long career in fashion. More recently, I’ve loved being a charity bookshop manager, working with a team of amazing volunteers. Now, as Volunteer Coordinator for Festival of Thrift I get to do all my favourite things at once. What fun...


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