Rewilding – What is it all about? And does it really matter?

Even in the midst of a climate crisis, ‘apocalypse fatigue’ is a growing problem – we’re getting weary of the endless bad news and the moral dilemmas we increasingly face. Then ‘rewilding’ comes along and they’re bringing back wolves and it sounds really exciting! Or is it just a seductively-named fad?

This fascinating discussion reveals the astonishing climate-restoring power that protecting, regenerating and rewilding our land AND our seas will have.


Sharon Lashley – Climate Action North and Rewilding Britain North East Network.
Jean-Luc Solandt – Marine Conservation Society.
Frankie Turk – Re-Peat, a youth-led collective pushing for peatland paradigm shift.
Kelly Crews – Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Manager South Tyneside Council


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