By Greener Lavelle


Saturday & Sunday


Various Times


Since establishing the business in 2003, Greener Lavelle has worked on many large-scale carnival structures at flagship events across the Northeast. Greener Lavelle’s work looks to inspire imagination and wonder, bringing fantastical creatures to life from an imagination that is inspired by the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Guillermo Del Toro, Salvador Dali, Brian Froud & Roald Dahl.  Festival of Thrift will welcome the magnificent RapSkallion green dragon. He is a large-scale puppet breathing real smoke and seven metres in length that will explore the festival creating playful encounters with the audience. He’s definitely a magical dragon and there were a few moments of fate during his creation. Each of his scales were made individually and from different textures and colours so they catch the light as he swishes his tail.  


Festival of thrift welcomes you

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