By: Threads in the Ground
Date: Saturday 25th November
Start time: 2pm
Duration: 1.5-2hrs
Age range: Suitable for both adults and children, we recommend 5yrs+
Location: Institute of Thrifty Ideas, 9 Silver St, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1SX

Intriguing and fun for both kids and / or adults.

This is your chance to play and experiment with a cutting-edge eco-material: mushroom plastic. Fill your choice of moulds with a prepared mix of straw and mushroom fungus. Take your mould home and watch it grow into your finished piece. Making your very own living festive decoration.

We’ll also have a selection of finished shapes to construct with. The finished material feels like a kind of velvety polystyrene. You can fix pieces together with cocktail sticks to make your desired shape.

All fully child-safe materials – uk native edible fungus (reishi and oyster). All materials provided.


Is this safe?
Yup. Here’s a list of what’s in the mushroom material: – Oyster mushroom fungus. Non-toxic, edible fungus. – Straw – Soy bean husks – Wood sawdust – Gypsum (a natural mineral, contained in plaster and lots of clothes)

What about spores?
Spores come from “fruiting bodies” i.e. mushrooms. The stuff we use has been growing for just a few weeks and hasn’t yet produced any spores. It’s all safe.

Is this accessible?
We think it is, but no workshop fits all, does it? We would love for you to join the session and we’re very happy to make any adjustments you need to make sure you can enjoy it fully. If you have any concerns or requests then please E-mail
Please note due to the age of our space, we currently do not have an accessible toilet at our venue.

Can I bring my child?
Yes, you can book for your child to participate. We’d recommend ages of 5+, but that’s very flexible. We just find the attention span of an average 5yo is about enough to cope with the session.

Can I join as a solo adult?
Totally. Yes. It’s a very universal activity. Come and adult-craft to your heart’s content.

Mushroom Wreath Workshop


Saturday 25th November




Institute of Thrifty Ideas, Stockton Town Centre



Festival of thrift welcomes you

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