7pm Thurs 21st March
Festival of Thrift is setting up a new climate community cinema.
We want volunteers with an interest in either cinema, creating sustainable events or making a difference within communities.
If you are interested we are doing a pop-up screening of a trilogy of Social Cinema short films by the Yorkshire and North East Film Archive including Lost Connections (2021), Cost of Living (2022) and Nature Matters (2023). This will be an opportunity to learn more  and be part of a special project creating sustainable pop-up cinema events in the Tees Valley

About ‘Social Cinema’

This programme of four short films produced by the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives explores social and political issues including gender equality, poverty and homelessness, isolation, and climate justice that resonate with the present and help us reflect on our future.

Born a Rebel (2018)
From women’s suffrage and women in political life, to women in the home and women at war, this film addresses how women and girls have been represented on film.

Commissioned by Cinema for All as part of Vote 100 – celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage.

Lost Connections (2021)
A poetic response to the experience of the Coronavirus pandemic, the film invites reflections on loss, loneliness, isolation, and expressions of desire, optimism, hope, and renewal.

Commissioned by Film Hub North on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network.

Cost of Living (2022)
As we live through the deepest cost of living crisis for over fifty years, this film expresses the fury and anger of generations whose essential needs go unfulfilled.

Commissioned by York St John University’s Cinema and Social Justice Project.

Nature Matters (2023)
One of the major controversies of our time, this film reveals the shifting concerns over the decades about issues which impact on our natural world, alongside recent footage of quests for more sustainable lifestyles.

Commissioned by York St John University and the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives’ National Lottery Heritage Fund project, Nature Matters.

The Social Cinema programme is supported by Film Hub North on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network.


Is this accessible?
We think it is, but no event fits all, does it? We would love for you to join the session and we’re very happy to make any adjustments you need to make sure you can enjoy it fully. If you have any concerns or requests then please E-mail
Please note due to the age of our space, we currently do not have an accessible toilet at our venue.


New Climate Cinema!


Thursday 21 March




Institute of Thrifty Ideas, 9 Silver Street, Stockton Town Centre


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