Festival of Thrift – Traders T&Cs 2024

A Big Thrifty Ask…

The Festival of Thrift is the national celebration of sustainable living, so it is important that your offer is in line with our upcycled, recycled and thrifty ethos!

So, before you complete the application form, please take the time to read our policies below and only apply if are confident you can comply with the T&Cs as outlined.

There are some documents and vital information you will need to provide as part of this submission, so please have your PLI, risk assessment, power requirements, unit measurements (if you are bringing your own), and images to hand.

We will send you some further updated information as part of your joining instructions nearer to the festival.

If you have any queries, please do email kate@festivalofthrift.co.uk

Your Offer / Products

  1. Please ensure that you only bring the items listed on your application form. If your offer is significantly different or has increased when you arrive at the festival, you may be asked to remove items from sale. This is to ensure that the wider festival offer is balanced and to make sure similar products are not positioned on stalls next to each other.

  2. As the national celebration of sustainable living, it is crucial that the items you are selling and using comply with Festival of Thrift’s policies on recycling and sustainability.

    Please do not bring:

    • plastic carrier bags, cutlery, or other single-use plastic items (e.g. balloons)

    • any items in plastic packaging, including bottled water/drinks/mass-produced/bought-in products

    • disposable items such as ‘novelty’ throw-away festival attire (glitter/face paint, hair wraps, garlands etc.)


Please do bring:

  • wooden cutlery, cardboard serving trays, paper and recyclable cups

  • paper and canvas bags

  • local, handmade, upcycled, repurposed, and unique products

  • retro, vintage, and pre-loved items

Prohibited Items

  • toy or replica guns

  • pornographic materials

  • counterfeit goods

  • anything that can be used as a weapon

  • laser pens

    Any traders found breaking these guidelines risk not being invited back to the festival in future years. Spot checks will be undertaken throughout the festival weekend and you may be asked to remove products from sale. We thank you in advance for your support in our mission for a more sustainable future!

    Trading Standards 

    We are working with colleagues in Stockton Borough Council to ensure that all traders comply with relevant legislation, CE certification, and trading standards. If you are unsure if any of your goods do not comply, or you have any questions, please contact us before coming to the event – a question is better than a prosecution!

    Please refer to the below link for further trading standards and compliance details.


    The ‘Official’ Stuff

  1. Pitches are allocated at the discretion of the festival. Please do not ask for

    specific areas in advance or request to be moved once you have been allocated a space.

  2. Pleasedoyourutmosttoarriveonsiteatyourallottedtime. Obviously,things happen – so we will give you a contact number for your Zone manager on the day, should you be unavoidably delayed. (The site is divided into a number of Zones to make things easier).

  1. All vehicles must be removed from the festival site at the latest 30 mins before the official opening time of the festival (10am) and may not return to site until H&S have given permission. This time will be communicated to you via your Zone Manager. We will provide information about trader parking in your joining instructions. As we are monitoring the festival’s carbon footprint, we ask that you consider the environment in your journey to and from the site and keep the number of journeys to an absolute minimum. Please share transport with your team whenever possible.

  2. Stalls must be staffed at all times during the festival opening hours – 10:00- 17:00.

  3. Please ensure your products, additional stock, empty boxes, and advertising (A-frames, flags etc) do not encroach on other traders’ pitches or into the public walkways.

  4. Please determine the amount of power you really need for your stall. If you only need to charge devices, consider bringing a power pack instead of ordering power. This will support us to reduce our usage of diesel generators and in turn the carbon footprint of the festival.

  5. You will not be able to submit your application form until you have attached:

    • a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate

    • a risk assessment (relevant for festival trading)

    • if you are a food trader – your food hygiene rating and the name of the council you are registered with.

  6. Your pitch is only confirmed when we have received your full payment.

  7. To simplify the payment process, we have removed the requirement for a refundable waste deposit. However, your pitch must be left squeaky clean, or you risk not being invited back to future festivals. Make sure you see your Zone Manager before you leave site to sign-off your pitch. Please help us keep the town tidy!

  8. If you are food & drink trader, we please ask that you use visitors’ reusable containers/cups if they present them. If you are a bar trader, you must enter into the festival reusable cup scheme, further information on this will be provided.

  9. You are required to complete an online evaluation post-event to ensure we keep delivering the best experience for our traders. This will include questions around your travel data which we kindly ask you to complete, so we can monitor the overall carbon footprint of the festival.

The Legal Bit…

  1. Terms and Conditions of Stall Hire may be subject to amendment – you will be notified of any changes.

  2. All bookings are accepted on the understanding that stallholders operate solely at their own risk. All traders are responsible for complying with all relevant trading legislations, compliance and CE certification associated with their brand and products.

  3. Traders are required to carry their own liability and goods insurance; a copy of which needs to be provided to the organisers on confirmation. Whilst all due precautions are taken, The Festival of Thrift cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to products or persons during the event or loss of items left on site overnight.

  4. Traders shall indemnify Festival of Thrift organisers against all liabilities, actions, costs, claims and compensation for injury, loss or damage to any person or property arising as a result of their trading at their event or any act, omission or negligence done or omitted by the stallholder, their employees, agents, or any other person under their direction.

  5. Any change in traders’ details needs the prior written consent of The Festival of Thrift organisers.

  6. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the festival, a full refund will be provided. No reimbursement will be available in respect of loss of potential income or trader costs incurred.

  7. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in you being removed from the Festival of Thrift site and no refund will be given. Any stall holder deemed not to meet these requirements will also forfeit any right to be invited to the festival in subsequent years.

And finally…

LET’S BE KIND! Please be respectful to each other, our staff, volunteers and visitors. We can’t wait to welcome you into the Thrift family and have a great festival weekend together!


Festival of thrift welcomes you

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