Living SUSTAINABLY with Style

The Festival of Thrift 2016 took place 17 & 18 September attracting over 35,000 visitors.  A big FREE weekend of activities designed for all the family. We showed you how to save money, be environmentally savvy and live a rich and creative life. There were leading and emerging artists, demonstrations, stalls, talks & workshops offering thrifty advice, tips and tricks as well as innovative tasty food and drink. DATE for 2017 COMING SOON!


Guest Blogger – Sally Barker

The Easiest Alcoholic Beverages To Make At Home (Legally!) What’s the point in going self-sustainable if you can’t celebrate your efforts with a hard-earned tipple? While it’s great to support the small brewing industry etc when you can, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t supplement your time down the pub with ...

Food, Wonderful Food

Eating and drinking is always a huge part of the Festival and this year is no different. There’ll be food making workshops, Bistro Du Van, The Community Table, Foraging, Jamallot (and Jamalittle) as well as a foodie quarter in the stunning stable block and picnic sites on the field and in the woodlands.

Workshop Tickets

One of the central elements of the Festival of Thrift is around developing new skills and sharing. Each year we have a host of reasonably priced workshops lasting from half an hour to over an hour. A taster course. Try jewellery or breadmaking, upcycling furniture, painting techniques.... we have something for everyone.