Catch up again with Thriftfest Live!

You can watch the joy that was #ThriftfestLive all over again! Our digital live stream is still available on our website to view if you missed it or want to re-watch some of your favourite highlights from the day.
The live stream is available to view for a limited time at
Here’s the schedule of timings to help you find your top watch.

Live stream website times

20:46- Festival of Thrift Anthem and Animation

28:01- Sighting of the Thrift Mobile

30:36- One Beautiful Moment sneak peak

36:13- Brilliant Day by METIS

55:13- Fix It Cafe

1:07:39- Reveal of secret mini festival at Brotton

1:13:41- Dandy in a Day with Patrick Ziza

1:23:44- 2019 Festival of Thrift Throwback

1:26:13- Vinyl DJ set with Neil Massey and Millie

1:37:17- Shopfront Circus

1:43:33- Interview with Helen Gaunt for #Thriftyourplace

1:47:00- Chapter 1 of One Beautiful Moment

1:59:54- Secret LIfe of Stuff

2:06:00- Abi Alton and Tuned In! Students with ‘Listen to Dave’

2:08:19- Fix It Cafe

2:24:54- Whippet Up with Sun and Wind Faces

2:28:25- Leaving The World Lusher Than We Found It

2:55:09- Chapter 2 of One Beautiful Moment

3:02:01- Introduction to Cloud Spotting by Stella Hall

3:07:08- Fix It Cafe

3:17:14- Festival of Thrift 2017 Throwback

3:37:04- Vinyl DJ set with Neil Massey and Millie

3:52:12- Chapter 3 of One Beautiful Moment

4:01:24- Noisy Toys introduction to How to Make a Robot Chicken

4:09:32- Lara Rowlands with Tuned In! Singing ‘Sunday’

4:31:00- Eat Your Weeds with Pia Castleton

4:39:49- Fix It Cafe

4:57:41- Vinyl DJ set with Neil Massey and Millie

5:11:49- Chapter 4 of One Beautiful Moment

5:18:54- Festival of Thrift Anthem

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