David Lisser and Lucien Anderson – Last Ditch Attempt

David Lisser and Lucien Anderson – Last Ditch Attempt

David Lisser thinks a lot about the future. Probably too much. Through his practice, he prods at our relationships with technology, our hopes and fears for tomorrow and the role that food plays in society. Pseudo-archaeological in approach, he creates sculptural artefacts and narratives to reveal different understandings of culture. Previous projects include collaborative woodcarving with industrial robots, fictional nomadic tribes that subsist on midges, and walls made of bread. In 2017 he presented The CleanMeat Revolution, an imagined museum-style retrospective of the 21stcentury lab-grown meat industry.

Lucien Anderson is an artist based in the North East. But really he wants to be a mechanic, not one that services your car, but one that wastes time and ritualistically tinkers. Previous projects have involved escape vehicles, survival structures and scientific installations with a fragile authenticity. Using a combination of basic materials and everyday objects, Lucien develops and builds deployable structures and infrastructures, examining fundamental needs and notions of everydayness and mobility.

Through combining their interests in climatic crises, food futures and habitual tinkerers, they have built a device they hope will help encourage people to ‘grow their own’, become self-sufficient and in turn stave off an increasingly inevitable food crisis.

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