Lucky Dip Disco

Lucky Dip Disco

By Janek Schaefer


Saturday & Sunday


10:30-11:15 & 12:30-13:30


Janek Schaefer (born 1970) is a British avant-garde artist, musician, composer, inventor, and entertainer, known for performing and exhibiting his work around the world with sound and installation art. Schaefer has released 37 albums, runs Lucky Dip Disco, and his own label, audiOh! Recordings. In 2008, using prize money from the Paul Hamlyn Award, he set up the Lucky Dip Disco.[10] An all-ages disco turning around the box of 7″s to invite the audience to search for their favourite music memories. In 2020 he won the ‘Best Mobile DJ’ National UK Award. 


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