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State of Satta

State of Satta is a dynamic 7-piece Reggae band from Leeds, known for their energetic and triumphant sound, featuring multi-lingual

Marina Josephina

Marina Josephina is a solo artist from Stockton-on-Tees with Jazz, Soul and R&B influences. Marina Josephine released her debut single

Lucky Dip Disco

Janek Schaefer (born 1970) is a British avant-garde artist, musician, composer, inventor, and entertainer, known for performing and exhibiting his

Fat Cat Brass

Fat Cat Brass are a brass band like you’ve never experienced before. Playing original arrangements of classic pop tunes from

Vinyl DJ’s

Vinyl DJs playing the finest in old school soul funk and reggae. Neil has been djing for over 30 years

The Baghdaddies

The Baghdaddies’ exuberant and rampant brand of world music is an exhilarating cocktail of Balkan mel-odies, ska and Latin grooves


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