Vinyl DJ’s

Vinyl DJ’s

By Neil Massey


Saturday & Sunday


10:30, 11:45, 12:40, 14:45


The Imagined Meadow
Duration: various
Vinyl DJs playing the finest in old school soul funk and reggae. Neil has been djing for over 30 years at various bars clubs and festivals. He also has his own nights under the banner Back to Black. He and his guest vinyl DJs will be playing the finest soul funk reggae and jazz. This year’s guest DJ is Deano Walker and representing the youth we have Milly Watson (17) Issac Hardy (17) and Erica Walker (10). It’s also a family affair this year as Neil and Milly Watson and Deano and Erica Walker are both father and daughter teams. Providing the soundtrack to the full weekend. See stage information for running orders.


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