The Secret Life of Stuff

The Secret Life of Stuff

The Secret Life of Stuff is an exciting community project commission for Festival Of Thrift Upcycled that invites you to design, make and move in wearable sculptures with dance artists Jennifer Essex and Lorraine Smith, and Dutch costume designer Daphne Karstens. Using manmade materials, such as bottle caps, plastic cups, cardboard, rubber gloves, etc., you can learn how to make futuristic wearable sculptures and raise awareness of environmental & sustainability issues. Together we’ll explore the stories of the “rubbish” we leave behind and consider how we can tackle a throwaway consumer culture.

Join in through tutorials on the Festival of Thrift Upcycled webpage and email if you want to share your creation in our online film to be launched as part of Festival of Thrift Upcycled this September!

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