Warm Grain: Call out for Hosts

What is the future of food? What will we be eating in 5, 10, 50 or even 100 years…?  

Our food systems are on the edge of huge transformation, but what say do we have in what we will produce and eat in the future?  

We want local communities to shape their food futures TOGETHER and we’re looking for volunteer hosts to help us do that.  

Whether you’re a grower, chef, the cook of the house, a thinker, artist, run a small business, are committed to sustainability or just love food and want to safeguard its future – we could be looking for you! 

Are you interested in food, cooking and its evolving futures? Then be part of the food democracy revolution, come and join us…. 


What you’ll do? 

  • We’ll introduce you to some interesting ideas and research around sustainable foods systems 
  • We’ll help you develop a menu, and plan your own small meal for your community using future foods  
  • We’ll support you to invite people to share your meal with and have interesting conversations about how our food is changing in response to the climate and ecological crisis 
  • We’ll then work together to think about how this can become a larger communal feast and programme of activity at Festival of Thrift in September 2024


Are you interested?  Want to find out more about being a host? 

Attend our introductory information workshop on Saturday 24th February.  

To register your interest in this event please email us at info@festivalofthrift.co.uk by Monday 12th February 2024 to let us know as space is limited.   

Please include:  

  1. A short/informal paragraph or video on why you’re interested in being a host
  2. Your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, home address and postcode


More info about the warm grain project can be found here


Hosts could be:  

-Individuals, groups or collectives  

-From across the Tees Valley or wider North  

-From a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences, but no previous or formal experience in food, cooking or climate crisis required  

-Curious in foods of the future  

-Care about sustainable food systems  

-Enjoy being creative with food and taking risks 

-Comfortable hosting a small gathering (5-10people) and cooking food 

-Interested in conversation, debate and asking questions around food and sustainability  

-Interested in thinking bigger about how future food innovations could influence policy and be used in community-led, micro businesses and SME’s 


What does being a host involve? 

-Commit to attend 4 developmental workshop sessions to learn about future food systems, develop a menu, plan a meal and develop ideas for a communal feast  

– With support from our team, host a small meal gathering for 5-10 invited guests and develop a future foods menu

-Help us realise and be part of a larger communal feast at Festival of Thrift in Billingham on Sat 21 & Sun 22 Sept, combining the collective research, learning and individual menus into a community event

-A commitment to carry out independent research and planning, and input into the wider project

-Think about next steps and opportunities for future food systems 


What will we provide? 

-The opportunity to learn about future food initiatives and connect with new research and sustainable suppliers  

-Bursaries of £230 are available to support hosts to attend the 4 workshop sessions, undertake a research trip and take part in the project

-We will cover material costs including food, equipment and resources for hosting a meal  

-We will cover your travel expenses (based on local travel)  

-An additional bursary will be on offer for hosts to contribute to support Warm Grain presence at Festival of Thrift in September  




Deadline to register for Introductory workshop (Mon 12th Feb) 

Introductory workshop (Sat 24th Feb) 

Final hosts selected following introductory workshop   


Menu workshop for selected hosts (Sat 23rd March)
Independent research time and trips 


Meal Hosting workshop for selected hosts (Sat 20th April)  


Host small food gatherings/meals  


Sharing and Communal Feast workshop for hosts (Sat 29th June) 


Warm Grain Communal feast at Festival of Thrift in Billingham (Sat 21st 22nd Sept)  


What’s next? Working with us to explore how we can support your future food ideas 


Warm Grain is a partnership project by Festival of Thrift and Threads in the Ground.  Find out more here 


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